Best Unique Crystal Growing Kits

Our earlier post on crystals featured several great products allowing you to grow them. Here we spotlight a few items more focused on their geological nature, rather than chemical. Many crystals can be found in the ground of our own backyards, with quartz commonly found in many parts of the country. Some of the more brilliantly colored crystals, like amethyst, are more difficult to find. Here we feature some products that take you through the process of digging for your own crystal treasures, perhaps an inspiration to take the experience to the natural world.

4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit
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Several crystals are formed and found following volcanic eruptions, as volcanos often spew superheated gasses creating pockets in the mineral rich lava. With this fascinating kit, you get led through the process of crystal formation and discovery by constructing an artificial volcano to simulate lava eruptions and a clay block you can excavate to unearth a variety of crystals. Makes for a great introduction to geology, with a dig right in your own home.


4M Crystal Mining Kit
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This kit also allows you to dig for your own crystals, and also comes with a nice display case to show off the treasures you find. A great gift for children 5 and up, you can find up to 8 crystals in this faux plaster rock. You can further examine your loot with a magnifying glass, allowing you get a good look at the unique features of each crystal. Definitely, a fun way to spend time with your children learning about geology!

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Uncle Milton – Star Wars Science – Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab
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For the little Star Wars fan in our lives (or within ourselves) we have here a melding of science fact and fiction. Many Star Wars geeks will be aware that lightsabers require a crystal to work. Well with this you can grow one of your own! It has all you need to grow large crystal in a sweet display case which also produces lightsaber sounds. You can even choose to channel the light or dark side, with a blue or red display light. This kit includes information on actual crystals and how they are formed, and also some lore on the crystals used for lightsabers, making it both fun and educational.

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