Best Board Games to Teach Kids Coding

What’s so important about coding?

Coding literally means the transformation of data into a form understandable by a computer – basically, telling the computer what you want it to do. Coding also factors into some everyday tasks that people perform without a second thought: for instance, programming a microwave to heat yesterday’s leftovers, or entering numbers into a calculator in a specific order. Coding today may not always look like the routine programming of the past. It can be active, visual, engaging, and most importantly, fun!

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
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If you’re looking to introduce your children to coding concepts at an early age, this Robot Mouse set is perfect for kids as young as 5 years old! With it, they will begin to understand how to implement the logic of coding rules to guide Colby, a programmable robot mouse, through a maze of your own creation. Mazes come chock full of obstacles that you will have to get around. Can be combined with other sets, and with multiple sets children will be able to challenge others to mouse maze races and other activities.  Colby can be programmed to follow up to 40 steps, allowing for great flexibility and creative options. A great introduction to coding for children!

ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game – Learn and Play with Computer Programming. Geeky STEM Toy and Gift for Boys and Girls ages 7 years and up. No Prior Coding Skills Required

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Understanding programming languages and the logic they use is a very valuable skill to develop in today’s world. Growing up surrounded by computers, many will take to wanting to get a better handle on programs and apps work. With ROBOT WARS, both kids and adults can get introduced to programming logic and coding basics!

ROBOT WARS is a board game which utilizes Java commands, in plain English, to control robots, which are used to destroy opposing robots and gain control of the board. With gameplay for up to 4 players, it is a great board game to enjoy while also picking up coding principles. As it requires a strategy for success, this game is best suited to ages 7 and up.


Littlecodr – Kids Coding Game
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This card game began its life as a Kickstarter project. This simple game uses programming and coding concepts to program friends and family to do all sorts of fun crazy actions! A great game for all ages, with something to learn for everyone.

Robot Turtles Game
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Another Kickstarter game, this board game is one of the first to pioneer coding concepts in a fun package to allow kids to learn programming while also having fun. Using cards, kids will write programs to control turtles, and there is great replayability with several game difficulties and levels of code complexity. With gameplay for up to 5 players, this is a game the whole family can enjoy, while also learning something new.


CodingFarmers by
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Coding Farmers is board game which, like ROBOT WARS, utilizes Java language to create a game that is both engaging and challenging. With several difficulties to choose from, children will understand how to use programming language and how it can make software programs function. Each action in this game is a Java command, meaning with repeated play, players will become proficient in simple programming language! This makes it especially fun for not just children, but adults also interested in learning alongside their kids.

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