Making rocks fun, this ROCK ON! Game will challenge and dazzle you with Geology!

When you look at rocks, what do you see? Chunks of dirt? Pieces of the ground that just take up space? How about elemental time capsules that are almost as old as the planet itself? Whatever the case, rocks can often spur the curiosity of young minds, as they are easily accessible and often can be very pretty, shining and sparkling with all sorts of colors. To those who find themselves wanting to learn more about stones and their importance, geology is the field of choice! And what better way to learn some geology than with a game!?

ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection – Connect with Our Magnificent Earth via an Educational Science Kit
Price: $26.95 (Amazon)

The ROCK ON! Geology Game comes jam packed with mineral specimens that span the spectrum in both color and type. You’re guaranteed stones from each of the igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary classes, so just as a matter of collection, this package delivers. However what sets this apart is the game that comes with it, which requires players to be able to identify stones by their type, will teach children geology basics, as well as observational skills. While some types of rocks are very distinctive, others require a more scrupulous eye to tell them apart. This makes the game, which comes with five levels, challenging and educational. And while we know kids can be pretty messy, this all comes in a nice carry case which makes transporting all those rocks a simple matter. Future geologists of the world would definitely appreciate a game like this!

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