At-home Experiment: Alter Your Taste Perception

Looking for a cool science experiment to do at home or for an outreach project? Try mberry Fruit Tablets!

mBerries are a product made from ‘miracle berries’. These berries contain miraculin. This protein selectively binds to sweet receptors on the tongue and cause fruits that would normally be sour, actually taste sweet. The effect is reported to last up to an hour, but in our experience, it lasts about a half hour and can be affected by drinking water after having them.

Materials needed:papillae-of-tongue-e1458050293421

mberry Fruit Tablets

Foods that are bitter, sour, or sweet (lemon, lime, cheese, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi)

Cups of water to drink


  1. Cut foods into pieces and have kid(s) try each one and classify the taste. Is it sweet? Bitter?
  2. Be sure to record observations!
  3. Follow instructions on mberry Fruit Tablets packet: Place one pill on the tongue and let it dissolve. NO CHEWING!!
  4. Once dissolved, have kid(s) try foods again and re-classify the taste. Make sure they drink WATER between each food. Their answers should be different!


How do we taste?

Receptors inside the taste buds on our tongues catch chemicals from things we eat.

There are different types of receptors.


These receptors send signals to our brains to tell us exactly what kind of taste we are experiencing.

How do mberry Fruit Tablets change our taste?

Chemicals from the pill get stuck to the sweet receptors and take a long time to come off. This way, your tongue is only tasting the sweet receptor, no matter what you eat!

Try this fun experiment with your kids! You can buy mberry Fruit Tablets on Amazon!

*We have done this activity several times during out outreach events. It is safe for kids!

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