At-Home Experiments: Fun kits to try

When my girls were younger, one of my favorite boredom killers/fun activities to do was conduct fun experiments. I wasn’t necessarily teaching the heavy duty science but, they did learn some cool concepts by doing these experiments with me. One of my favorite kits has to be the Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders! It was relatively cheap and came with 15 possible experiments. The bag does say it is for ages 8 and up but from experience I can say it works best for kids between 5 – 8 years of age. After 8, these simple experiments aren’t going to be as fascinating.

Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders

This kit comes with polyacrylamide beads that turn into awesome crystals. The girls really enjoyed waking up the next day and seeing their tiny beads turn into huge crystals.

Drying their crystals!

You can also make fake snow, a lava test tube, and play with the magic sand that stays dry no in water. My favorite thing about this set is that several, not all, of the experiments, can be saved to use again at a later time. The girls would bring out the kit anytime they had playdates. I highly recommend this set! You can buy it on Amazon.

They also have a kit that contains more activities. If my girls were still between 5-8, I would definitely try this out.


Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

Another cool kit to try is the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science kit. It is in between the two I mentioned above in that, you get 20 experiments similar to the ones you would find in Lab in a bag , the first kit I mentioned.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science

Find more fun activities for you kids here


Best Unique Crystal Growing Kits

Our earlier post on crystals featured several great products allowing you to grow them. Here we spotlight a few items more focused on their geological nature, rather than chemical. Many crystals can be found in the ground of our own backyards, with quartz commonly found in many parts of the country. Some of the more brilliantly colored crystals, like amethyst, are more difficult to find. Here we feature some products that take you through the process of digging for your own crystal treasures, perhaps an inspiration to take the experience to the natural world.

4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit
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Several crystals are formed and found following volcanic eruptions, as volcanos often spew superheated gasses creating pockets in the mineral rich lava. With this fascinating kit, you get led through the process of crystal formation and discovery by constructing an artificial volcano to simulate lava eruptions and a clay block you can excavate to unearth a variety of crystals. Makes for a great introduction to geology, with a dig right in your own home.


4M Crystal Mining Kit
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This kit also allows you to dig for your own crystals, and also comes with a nice display case to show off the treasures you find. A great gift for children 5 and up, you can find up to 8 crystals in this faux plaster rock. You can further examine your loot with a magnifying glass, allowing you get a good look at the unique features of each crystal. Definitely, a fun way to spend time with your children learning about geology!

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Uncle Milton – Star Wars Science – Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab
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For the little Star Wars fan in our lives (or within ourselves) we have here a melding of science fact and fiction. Many Star Wars geeks will be aware that lightsabers require a crystal to work. Well with this you can grow one of your own! It has all you need to grow large crystal in a sweet display case which also produces lightsaber sounds. You can even choose to channel the light or dark side, with a blue or red display light. This kit includes information on actual crystals and how they are formed, and also some lore on the crystals used for lightsabers, making it both fun and educational.

Best Crystal Growing Kits for All Ages

Crystals are amongst the most visually striking structures in the natural world, and with good reason! Crystals are in essence a purified substance that has self-assembled into one giant molecular structure. Diamonds are carbon crystals, and water crystals we call ice. Many crystals form when extremely hot water full of dissolved minerals cool, which then leads to the minerals becoming solids again. During this step, they assemble into a regular repeating pattern, which partly explains why crystals often have dramatic and almost hand-sculpted geometry.

We hope with these products you and your family will learn about the chemistry and geology behind crystals and the structures they make, and what they tell you about where they are found.


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National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes and Explore Crystals Science Kit

Break Open 10 Premium Geodes!


While most people might not find rocks exciting, the gorgeous crystal crusts of geodes almost always inspire wonder. Geodes, which can be formed in volcanic eruptions when gas pockets are filled with minerals and water, are fascinating windows to the geological world. Often you find geodes already halved letting you see the crystals inside, but in this kit you will be the first to lay eyes on the treasures within 10 geodes! Bring your family together and discover wonderous space within these unknown treasures! Included is a guide which will teach you about geode formation, where they were sourced and the types of crystals you can observe in them.


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

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Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

If you want a kit with several colorful crystals to grow, you can’t go wrong with this one. With material to make up to 7 different crystals, you can have a load of fun learning about how crystals are formed with this kit. As an added bonus, each crystal is grown in its own display case, making them double great as great decor. This science kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth demonstrations.

Also available in a 3-crystal kit 4M Crystal Growing Kit, Price: $9.09 (Amazon)


Mega Crystal Growing Lab – 8 Colors to Grow with Night Light Display Stand!

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Mega Crystal Growing Lab

The products offered by National Geographic are often just as informative as they are fun. This kid allows you to grow crystals in up to 8 colors, and also includes actual gemstones (which are themselves crystals), giving you examples of colorful crystals found in nature. It even comes with light-up display to illuminate your crystals. Makes a great gift for youth interested in geology, as it also gives them a head start on a mineral/rock collection!


The Magic School Bus Growing Crazy Crystals Science Kit

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The Magic School Bus Growing Crazy Crystals Kit

This Magic School Bus themed kit allows young investigators to learn about the crystals that pass unnoticed all around us, such as salt and sugar crystals. Kids will be able to track crystal growth in true experimental fashion, grow crystals in artistic shapes and structure, and even create a geode! For those who enjoy practical variety, this kit is sure to entertain a broad range of interests


Space Age Crystal Growing Kit: 4 Crystals (Quartz, Emerald, Amethyst)
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Space Age Crystal Growing Kit

Those of us who looked for pretty rocks as kids often found rocks of quartz, which often looked like jewels. In this kit, you have the chance to grow your own quartz crystals, in addition to false emerald and amethyst crystals. Up to 4-inch crystals can be grown with this kit, making them a nice option for those interested in growing larger crystals. The kit comes with all the necessary materials for up to 4 crystals.

4M KidzLabs Crystal Science Kit

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This kit from KidzLabs will allow you to grow up to three different crystals, each grown in a uniquely fun way! Like growing crystals on a paper tree to make a crystal tree! A fun way to grow crystals with kids as young as 10.

Glow in the Dark Crystal Growing Science Kit

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Glow in the Dark Crystal Growing Kit

Some of the most impressive crystals on earth are found in the darkness caves. But imagine that darkness was illuminated by glowing crystals? Imagine no more! With this kit, you combine the concepts of phosphorescence with crystallization to create glow-in-the-dark crystals. Complete with materials to explain the process of crystal formation and the glow-in-the-dark effects of phosphorescence, this kit is a nice mixture of fun and education, while providing a unique and novel end-result that is sure to be enjoyed for many dark nights.